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The Problem With Secure Email Encryption

email encryption
  • Businesses Must Meet Compliance Regulations. All businesses sending & receiving emails containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be using email encryption. Specifically, healthcare-related organizations are required to meet HIPAA/HITECH standards. If they do not, they can be hit with penalties anywhere from a few thousand dollars to 1 million+ dollars. Most software vendors charge $1,000+ for their own Business Associates Agreement.
  • Few Software Integrations & Poor Ease Of Use. With little or no software integrations – or high surcharges & fees for expanded integrations – the process to send & receive encrypted emails becomes an arduous one. Ease-of-use drastically declines for encryption products when software integrations do not exist.
  • Minimal Messaging Options. A majority of secure email applications have a minimal number of messaging options and customizations, making it a much more difficult process to send an encrypted email message. Software vendors tend to charge extra fees for administrative privileges and co-branding abilities.
  • Zero Customer Support. Many software vendors offer non-existent support teams, overseas support or hard to find phone numbers and contact information, as well as long SLAs which make for a poor customer support experience.
  • Most Encryption Applications Are Cost-Prohibitive Or Corporate-Centric. Most encryption applications are extremely expensive and charge additional fees for limited secure accounts. Many of these vendors also tend to focus on larger corporate clients, which directly limits small-to-medium sized businesses.

So, how do you get the best secure email application in YOUR CITY with one of the best industry’s best compliance packages, one of the best software integrations & messaging applications, and the industry’s undisputed best support access — all at an affordable price?

Perhaps you should consider…

NeoCertified is the undisputed leader in secure email encryption, with a Secure Web Portal that’s accessible from any mobile device, a seamless Microsoft Outlook & Office 365 integration, federal compliance packages catered to each specific industry, and the industry’s ONLY 24/7 customer support for both paid & free user accounts.

NeoCertified Has Been Voted #1

NeoCertified has been voted the #1 Secure Email Gateway via G2 Crowd (an independent software review site)…

#1 Rated Secure Email Gateway

There Are 5 Main Reasons To Consider NeoCertified

1. One of the Industry’s BEST Compliance Packages (HIPAA / FINRA / SEC / SOX / FERPA / GLBA)
2. One of the BEST Software Integrations (Microsoft Outlook + Office 365)
3. One of the BEST Messaging Applications (Secure Portal Access)
4. The Industry’s BEST Support Access (24/7 Support)
5. Price Performance LEADER (Since 2002)

Let’s look at each of these reasons in a bit more detail…

NeoCertified Is The Cornerstone Secure Email Application

  • NeoCertified has been providing Secure Email Encryption since 2002
  • NeoCertified’s clientele includes the following:
    • Cincinnati Bengals Football Team
    • Goodwill
    • Kimball International
    • Meals On Wheels
    • The University of Alabama
    • The University of Arizona
    • The University of Chicago
  • Find more than 50+ testimonials & reviews across third-party sites: Capterra | G2 Crowd

1. BEST Secure Email Compliance Packages

One Of The Industry’s BEST Compliance Packages.
hipaa compliant

NeoCertified meets common email compliance requirements, such as standard federal regulations like FINRA / SEC / SOX / GLBA and FERPA with a compliant Secure Web Portal.

Plus unique features including:

• Secure Medical Portal. Your healthcare-related organization is required by law to comply with HIPAA regulations. Your NeoCertified secure web portal is hosted on NeoCertified’s healthcare-centric secure medical server which remains HIPAA Compliant at all times.
• Free HIPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA). Unlike others that charge a premium, your HIPAA BAAs (required for full HIPAA email compliance) is always included at no additional cost.

2. BEST Secure Email Software Integrations

NeoCertified’s easy-to-use integrations are readily available for all users using Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook.

These features include:

secure email integration

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration. NeoCertified’s Microsoft Outlook integration adds a special “Send NeoCertified” button that allows you to send & receive an unlimited number of secure emails directly from your Outlook desktop application. This “one-click encryption” is as simple as a regular email platform. You can also receive all incoming secure email messages inside of Outlook with your “Receive NeoCertified” button.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration. Whether you’re accessing Office 365 from the online web platform or the Office 365 desktop suite, you can send & receive secure messages with the “Send NeoCertified” and “Receive NeoCertified” buttons. This makes it easy to send or receive secure email messages.
  • Secure Web Portal. Your Secure Web Portal is accompanied with a feature-rich dashboard, administrative access, and direct support contact. It is easily accessible from any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with an internet connection.

3. BEST Secure Email Messaging Applications

secure email messaging application

NeoCertified’s comprehensive Secure Web Portal allows you to customize each and every secure email message. It includes common features such as User Profile Settings, Preferences, Message Forwarding, Read-Receipt Notifications, Address Book, etc., but also features that are unique to NeoCertified:

  • Unlimited Secure Email Messaging. You and your recipients can send an unlimited amount of secure messages (unlike alternative options). Your account also includes up the 1 GB of free storage.
  • Web Portal Co-Branding. Brand your own organization’s logo inside of your Secure Web Portal (no extra cost), so your recipients see your brand (instead of the vendors) when they log in.
  • Administrative Console. You can audit your secure message history, run message reports, customize preferences, and access downloadable features that are included with each account—all inclusive without additional costs.
  • Message Size Options. Include any attachment up to 100 MB in size that can be sent encrypted with the click of a button. Great if you have to send an image, or audible notes to clients or other facilities.
  • Message Retraction. Simply click “Retract Message” inside of your Secure Web Portal to permanently delete your previously sent message from any account. This helps you to avoid accidentally sending a message to the wrong user.
  • Custom Message Expiration. Set custom message expiration dates (from one day to infinite) for all of your messages so you have control over how long your sensitive messages remain on our secure system.
  • Message Reporting. Run thorough and intricate message reports for auditing purposes–critical when your business is called upon to prove your federal email compliance.
  • Message Reminder Notifications. Automatic email reminders if a message hasn’t been opened—helping to ensure that critical information actually gets read.
  • Non-repudiation. All secure emails both sent and received are embedded with incontrovertible data that can be used in a court of law to validate sender, recipient and message.

4. Secure Email Industry’s BEST Customer Support

secure email customer support

NeoCertified’s Customer Support Team is unparalleled, see why:

 24/7 Customer Support. All paid users AND free recipients have access to the 24/7 NeoCertified customer support team–the only 24/7 support team in the entire email encryption industry.
 United States-based Team. All support is based in the U.S. with well-trained English speaking staff that can help you in minutes.
 True Live Support. You can access support via phone, email, website form submission, and website live chat. The support team is also available for remote sessions, screen-sharing tutorials, and walkthroughs. You never have to be a Google search expert to find the support line, or wait for weeks for a response.
 Online Support Center. There is also a 24/7 support center that is always available on the NeoCertified website where you can access FAQs, product tutorial videos and walkthrough guides from any internet-connected device.
 Full Recipient Support. All your clients who use NeoCertified receive the same level of customer support as you do. There are no additional fees for Recipient-level support like many of the alternatives/competitors.

5. The Price Performance LEADER In Secure Email

secure email price performance leader

NeoCertified is the most affordable, feature-rich secure email solutions in the industry. Here’s why:

  • Low Cost. NeoCertified remains one of the most competitive prices in the industry, with a low cost that arguably any organization can afford… From a private sole-proprietorship to an enterprise, publicly-traded corporation, price should never be the issue with NeoCertified. With no additional fees, including no setup or support fees.
  • Non-Profit Discount. NeoCertified is the only vendor that offers non-profit discounted pricing. All 501(c)3 organizations automatically receive a 40% discount off of the SRP of each secure email account.
  • Zero Quantity Minimums. There are no minimums to register an account. Purchase as little as a single secure license or a large-volume quantity of licenses, it makes no difference.
  • Volume Discounts. There are volume discounts on an incremental basis on the number of licenses purchased. Receive discounts for the number of licenses that your organization purchases either now or in the future.

Picture This

You realized the only way to send email that met HIPAA/HITECH standards was if it was secure. You tried one email system, which worked fine for you—but the clients couldn’t open it (oops—they forgot to tell you). Your clients called tech support—but received zero response–even after a week. The company finally told you about the “add-ons” but it tripled the price.  Ouch!  So…

Then you switched to NeoCertified. Sending secure emails is now as easy as normal (just click the NeoCertified button within Outlook). Your clients receive a “pending message” email notification, follow the link to securely login—and have full access (including downloads if applicable). No HIPAA violations, no customer complaints, no hidden costs, plus the industry’s best support (if perchance you or your clients ever needed it).  Life is good!

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