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Life Insurance

Our goal is to protect you from the unexpected with insurance coverage that works for your needs and budget. Life happens fast, truth is there’s nothing as valuable as peace of mind.

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Business Owners

Providing comprehensive Business Owners Policy (BOP) insurance to fit the needs of your industry. We'll evaluate the needs of your industry and give you customized options.

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Property and Casualty

Whether you are covering your home, auto or business deciding which types of coverage you need can be tricky. We'll help you choose the best coverage at the greatest value.

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Proper Planning

The foundation for investing starts with proper financial planning; setting goals, establishing a budget, gathering financial records and knowing your net worth. The financial planning process starts with gathering information. For the financial planner to do his or her job, that person must know your present financial structure, your goals and risk tolerance. The more knowledge that can be obtained the better the financial planner can do his or her job. It is suggested you print and complete the client questionnaire then fax or mail it to our office.

Your information will be kept confidential and never be given or sold to any other company or individual. The next step involves helping the client answer the following:

  • What is the approximate time frame I am willing to keep my funds invested to achieve my investment objectives?
  • What current income do I need to obtain from my investments?
  • What future cash needs am I likely to have?
  • Are there any tax or legal issues that I need to consider for the portfolio's holdings?
  • Am I a conservative investor or an aggressive one?
  • How much volatility am I willing to accept in my portfolio to try to earn a higher return?

Only after the client has addressed these questions, and has a clear understanding of investment needs and goals can the financial planner begin to determine the appropriate asset mix and identify the right mutual funds, stocks, bonds and money market funds.

Usually a good starting point is to take advantage of any retirement plans that are available to you.


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Our company is composed of financial professionals who have been representing many of America's largest and finest financial institutions.

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Your home is the usually the biggest purchase you will make and is your most valuable asset. If...

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